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I reserve the right to change any of these terms, including limits, rates, and addons, at any given time albeit not retroactively. Please check here often if one is interested in commissioning me. These rates were established based on looking at the rates of other voice over performers with commissions.

Before you commission me, please read all the following information:

  • All prices are in USD and I reserve the right to refuse any project or commission for any reason. Payment is done in advance and non-refundable, but in the very rare event that I can’t complete an audio, I’ll return the payment!

  • I work to deliver my audios within 2 weeks (most likely faster!), but if I think the commission will take longer than that, we’ll talk.

  • I send my audio through email or Google Drive. The latter has links that remain up for a week (I can’t guarantee I’ll keep them up longer than that). If you would like me to send the audio to you somewhere else, inform me.

  • By default, I can post all the audio I record for commissions publicly, but notify me if it is a private/personal use audio. ($3 fee)

  • If I make an error in performing the provided details of your audio, I’ll make sure to correct it without a change to the price. You’d need to commission me again when it comes to making last minute changes to the scenarios/details/ideas/plot of the audio, though.

Commission Rates

Prepare a script(s) in advance before commissioning

If you don't have a script yet, I can recommend writers, some of which give referral discounts.


Private Projects/Non-Commercial Use

  • $.20 per word (aka $4 per 20 words)

  • $4 per minute for moans/groans/grunts

For-Profit Projects/Commercial Use

  • $0.25 per word (aka $5 per 20 words)

  • $8 per minute of moaning/groans/grunts

Improvisation Rates:

Private/Non-Commercial Improvisation Commissions

  • $10.00 per minute of improvised audio

For-Profit Improvisation Commissions

  • $25 per minute of improvised audio

Please discuss with me what you want to include in the audio. BE SPECIFIC on what kind of content and language is to be used for it.

Sound Effects Rates:

  • 3$ per effect

If you feel dissatisfied with a particular sound I’ve made for you, and would like me to redo that sound, I will do so for free. Adding new sound effects will cost a $3 fee.

Retake policy:

  • Mispronunciation & incorrect line deliveries are redone for free

  • Up to 2 revisions/retakes are free, more than 2 revisions will result in a $5 fee that is applied. Unless the revisions are an error on my part.

  • Newly added words, moans, and/or lines will cost a $3 fee.

💰 Payment

  • Paypal (most preferable)

  • Cashapp

I will request upfront payment before working on the commission. It may take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your commission. This depends on how busy I am. Should anything come up resulting in a delay, I will tell you ASAP.


I am open-minded in what types of content I can voice. If you are unsure if the content requested is something that I will voice, please message me in a private message. This includes twitter DMs, email, etc. - I will inform you if it is something I’m not comfortable with! That being said, I DO have limits for many reasons and I am liable to update them at any time.

Content I will not voice

  • Scripts where it is not clear that all characters are over 18.

  • Beastiality (This does not include furry content)

  • Scat/Watersports

  • Cops/nazism/sexism/anything racially insensitive

  • Political subject matter

  • Content I deem unsuitable

Terms of Service

  • The client must be 18 or older to commission

  • The client will not reuse commissions in other pieces without prior consent and proper credit

  • Commissions will not be shared publicly without proper credit

  • Refunds are not available after work on the commission has started

  • It is the responsibility of the client to obtain the rights for content they request I record

  • I retain rights to all commissions to use in demo reels, marketing, or share [links to] on social media unless the exclusivity fee has been paid (or in cases of an NDA)

Contact me:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @KuwaKinks_VA
Backup Twitter @KaijuKinksVA